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How do I figure out what size my bong slide is?


What are the Green tickets for?

Green tickets are given randomly throughout 2021 with online purchases of game tickets or items listed on They will be used all year to determine the winners of our Green Ticket Drawings. You must use your ticket to claim your prize if your ticket is pulled.

How does the bingo game work?

We sell 20 tickets to each game and there are a total of 20 prizes numbered on the game table. Once you purchase a ticket your name will go randomly on a list. We go down the list calling each name and then pull a bingo ball with each name to determine which prize each player wins.

How do I contact someone?

We are best reachable on Facebook. Just shoot us a message there. If you do not use Facebook shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

When will my package arrive?

When checking out if you provide an email address we automatically send you your tracking info. This can be used to determine when your package may arrive. If your package is lost you will need this number when contacting USPS.

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